Safaris Activities

Guided Nature Walks

Our wildlife expert will take you on an exciting journey through the campsite and point out tiny insects and monkeys, the shoots and flowers of smaller plants and the tracks of animals on these easy walks. These small details often go unnoticed yet can sometimes be the most beautiful of all. Great for kids too!

Bird Watching

Our campsite is alive with birdsong and the twitch of feathers. Observe them from a hammock or your tent’s front porch or simply listen to the blissful sound of birdsong from your bed. Our staff are knowledgeable about the species in our area, and we have plenty of bird books to help you identify what you see. 

Sithulpawwa Temple

Take a trip to the ancient Buddhist monastery of Sithulpawwa, a sacred rock temple located deep in the heart of Yala National Park with a history over 2200 years. This secluded and spectacular spot is an unbeatable place to watch a sunset over the jungle. 

Plant A Tree

We encourage each of our guests to plant a tree during their stay at our campsites and get actively involved in our various up-cycling projects. Re-forestation is becoming critical, and this is only a small step, but every tree planted is a help in protecting the planet.

Wildlife Footprint Games

Tracking animals by their footprints is one of our strengths. Footprints criss cross our camp and it can be exciting for children to match these with their owners as they explore the campsite. We have a few games that will help them to identify and memorise each footprint, which make spotting tracks a lot more fun!

Family Safari

A child’s first safari is an exciting and memorable experience and we aim to make their stay special and fun for the whole family. We at Leopard Safaris welcome families at our camps and it’s the perfect stop over on a family tour in Sri Lanka. We have devised customised family-orientated packages and offer discounted rates for younger children to make travelling with the kids that little bit easier. Please note that we have a minimum age of 3 years for children.

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